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Farm-to-table cuisine gets a boost with Executive Chef John Steinhilber at Farmer Matt’s Restaurant

Farmer Matt’s Restaurant is pleased to announce the appointment of Executive Chef John Steinhilber, a New England Culinary Institute alumnus. Chef Steinhilber’s extensive culinary background is anticipated to enhance the dining offerings at the restaurant.

A 2002 graduate of the esteemed culinary institute, John Steinhilber has earned recognition in the culinary field for his contributions and achievements. He soon took on the position of owner/executive chef of a classic french bistro, Chez Fish. His early career also included time in the coastal kitchens of John’s Island, South Carolina, particularly as a fishmonger, emphasizing his commitment to fresh, local ingredients. 

John’s professional journey includes a notable period at the Seabrook Island Club, where he served as an Executive Sous Chef. There, he managed culinary operations for three distinct dining venues within the exclusive community. Following this, he led Hanna Devine’s Restaurant and Bar as an Executive Chef, skillfully navigating the establishment through the pandemic’s challenges with creative culinary solutions.

Matt Koziol (Farmer Matt himself) expressed his confidence in this new collaboration, noting, “John’s appointment as Executive Chef is part of our ongoing effort to enhance our menu offerings and dining experience. His skillset, especially in farm-to-table cuisine, aligns perfectly with our restaurant’s philosophy.”

Chef John Steinhilber also shared his enthusiasm about joining Farmer Matt’s. “I am excited to contribute to Farmer Matt’s menu, particularly in introducing a new weekly special that emphasizes locally-sourced ingredients and our own farm-produced proteins and vegetables,” he said.

Chef John’s culinary expertise, especially in sourcing quality, local ingredients, is expected to further strengthen Farmer Matt’s commitment to fresh, high quality food. This approach aims to offer diners a unique culinary experience, showcasing the region’s best produce.

Guests can look forward to a variety of new dishes crafted by Chef John, including Pasta Bolognese with farm-made pappardelle, Traditional Yankee Pot Roast, and farm-made short rib truffle ravioli. These additions are part of the restaurant’s commitment to providing a diverse and seasonally inspired menu.

Further information about the new menu offerings, including weekly specials, can be found on Farmer Matt’s website ( and the restaurant’s Facebook page. Farmer Matt is located at 860 West Brookfield Rd., New Braintree, MA 01531.


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