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Why Buying Local Matters

While many of us understand that buying locally is a great option, the impact of why it’s so important may be lost. Many locals in your area likely sell common foods, ingredients, or supplies that you regularly use. You’d be surprised at the things you can find and the connections you can make! This article will focus on how you can aim to purchase things locally, why it’s valuable, and how it can help your community.

Community Benefits of Local Purchases

Buying items or food from local farmers has many advantages. It can help create economic stability in the area, provide more employment, and reduce the environmental impact. On a more personal level, if you purchase food from a local farmer, you will usually notice that it tastes different from the big-box stores. It may be more flavorful and fresher. You can also speak with the farmers or staff directly to better understand where they stand ethically, how their product is made, and any other contributions they give back to the community.

Health Benefits

On top of generally tasting better, purchasing things from producers and farmers has some amazing health benefits. These can include:

Fewer chemicals

You’ll find local food generally focuses on being free of pesticides, insecticides, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals.

Fresher ingredients

Since your item isn’t being produced as widely as other companies and can be transported within a shorter distance, it’s fresher and won’t carry residues that are meant to retain longer periods of time.

Organic options

While you can buy organic from your grocery stores, organic produce from farmers is oftentimes farm-to-table and tastes juicier or crisper. This can help encourage your family to eat healthier and packs more nutrients.

What Can I Buy?

You can buy fruits and vegetables easily in your local area. Other items you may be able to find are dairy products like cheeses or milks, as well as eggs. It’s not uncommon for people to own greenhouses, acreage, or agricultural land specifically to sell locally. A great example of this is apple orchards, which are popular in the fall, where you can buy ciders, apple juice, wines, or fruits.

Some other great options for local purchases that are readily available are honey, herbs, meats, canned goods, or butter. You can find unique honey mixes, jams, jellies, or even flavorful meat products. Many vendors or sellers will become more creative with their products which can result in some great gifts, too!

Where Do I Buy?

Farmer Matt carries a wide variety of locally-sourced products from beef, pork, and poultry to flour, honey, and even soaps. Other ways you can buy items are to go to farmers’ markets, craft shows, health stores, or even make purchases online. Buying local products can taste better, support your neighbors, and be a great way to get healthier!



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